Blog Elul: Day 3: Search

We spend our whole lives searching. Searching for a good career, a nice place to live, the perfect mate, a good doctor, the right school and care for our children, personal fulfillment and a personal relationship with g-d.

What do we really find? How can we be happy? What do you we accept versus what do we strive for? Some people find it earlier in life than others. Most of us fine fulfillment in some areas but not others.

Which do you sacrifice? That depends on the person. If we stop searching….where does that leave us? Even if we’ve found most of the things on a stereotypical list to be happy we can’t ever stop searching, Settling only leaves us stagnant.

We all need to continue to search for knowledge, continual personal improvement and for the best and newest ways to take care of ourselves mentally and physically. Without that we are living, not existing.


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