Blog Elul: Prompt 4: Understand


What do we truly understand about life, ourselves, and “the universe” At any age we should still be trying to grow, learn, and understand ourselves and the world around us.

Most people long to be loved and find the one person that truly loves and understands us. That person is preferably a romantic partner. They can also be a parent, sibling, co-worker, cousin, friend, etc.

Do we need to understand ourselves first? How can we do that? Many avenues are available to achieve that goal. This can be from the help of a therapist, a retreat, finding the things, people, hobbies and/or vocations that get us there.

My enlightenment in life came from being a parent. Even the mundane activities like baths, getting my kids ready in the morning and bringing them to school made me understand that my purpose and meaning in life was to be a parent. When that was taken from me in a nasty custody battle by the judge and guardian and others involved in my divorce and custody case I felt lost.

I am trying to redefine myself and understand what my true meaning and purpose in life is.


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