Blog Elul: Prompt 6: Know


What do we truly know? The saying goes “the only thing certain in life are death and taxes”. I’ve come to know lots of things through adversity. I know that some people are there for you when it’s convenient and others are the ones that care the most love all of you.

They will put up with your bs and know that love is whats more important. I know that love seems to find us more than we find love.

Emily Dickinson was right when she said “the heart knows that the heart wants”. I know that love is what we should all stive for. It can come in many different forms.

Love should be unconditional. This came come from anyone. Ultimately I know in a relationship your partner is the one that should love you unconditionally and the most.

By allowing someone else to take that away, we lose out soul. We must re-find it in order to find ourselves first.



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