Blog Elul: Prompt 14: Learn


The ability to learn is what keeps us constantly going. From the moment we enter the world we are subject to new things.

We first learn new things from our parents and/or our caregivers. We might learn new things from just observing our surroundings.

By the time we are two or three we start pre-school. There we learn how to share and begin a journey of 16-20 years of school, more for grad students.

Everything we learn in school, (academic, social and extra curricular) is with the purpose of preparing us for the real world. Upon entrance in the work force we must constantly evolve and learn and be faced with the likelihood of being passed by our colleagues.

A lifetime of learning is essential for growth. For those that choose bear children, watching them learn and grow is one of life’s greatest joys. The balance between letting them learn and see the world though their own eyes and give them guidance is one of the most difficult challenges of being a parent.

Each child is different. Some will always looks to their parents for guidance, while others become more independent and carve their own path. Our ability to learn and our wide variety of interests is one of the things that helps make us all unique.


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