Blog Elul: Prompt 15: Change


They say change is constant with the increasing place of life we are all busy going from one activity to another without noticing changes. The Harry Chapin song Cats and the Cradle begins with the birth of his son. The father was busy on work trips, working, paying bills and living his own life.

He was too busy to see his son’s first steps, play catch with him, etc. As the song progresses he missed his son’s major milestones. Before he knew it his son was off to college.

If we can get smothered in our own lives we can miss the changes of those we love the most. Finally the father retires and the son has moved away and became busy with his own family. Change doesn’t apply with inside our own immediate family. We need to recognize when change is necessary we need to follow whats going on around us.

Do new policies need to be implemented at work? Do we need a different doctor? When is it time for a new car? Change occurs throughout our lives. We can’t avoid change. Change is necessary. The quicker we realize that the change is needed, the greater the likelihood we will be successful.


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