Blog Exodus: Prompt Three: Cleanse

Most adhere to dietary restrictions twice per year. At Passover, we withhold from eating bread and yeast products and at Yom Kippur, we fast for 24 hours.

What does cleanse mean? Does it have to only be related to food? Cleansing relating to food has seemed to become a bigger thing in the past few years. It usually involves some kind of liquid or juice product. What if we thought of it on a much bigger level?

We all seem to be attached to our phones. I have seen some on social media say they are taking time off and using it as what they termed as a social media “cleanse”.

It often seems as if the modern idea of a cleanse is time away from something we do every day. It can be cleansing our bodies by changing our eating habits for a specified amount of time or taking time off from anything in our life to get away from something and to refreshen our minds.

In this fast paced society. Cleansing is something we all should do at some point. The ability to reset our minds or bodies will hopefully put us in a better frame of mind. This is good for both our mental and physical health.



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