Blog Exodus: Prompt Two: Exalt

This is one of the hardest prompts I’ve seen. Exalt is not a word that’s used in everyday life. When I think of exalt or exalting someone or something I think of complimenting someone on a higher plane.

The definition of exalt is: hold (someone or something) in very high regard; think or speak very highly of. We exalt to g-d, but other than that how often do we use the word?

This is an interesting concept. In the centuries before science was understood G-d played a much larger role. The Romans and Greeks had multiple G-ds that represented different ideals.

There was Ceres the goddess of grain, a goddess of love, Mercury, Zeus, Appolo. To people in more ancient times, each G-d represented something that they could not explain.

Who do we exalt now? Are celebrities put on too high of a pedestal? How much to we exalt out significant others and do we do it often enough. We often get so caught up in our everyday life that too many of us get caught up in the monotony and forget to show our loved ones that we care for them and hold them up on the pedestal that we should.


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