Blog Elul: Prompt 17: Ask

We don’t get anything in life unless we ask. If we don’t ask how do we know what the answer is?

My father always used to say if you don’t ask, the answer is always no. Often times the easiest thing to do is not to ask. We miss out on a lot of life by not asking. It could be dating a wonderful person, applying for a great job, getting a raise, owning a great house or car.

A lot of asking has to do with confidence and fearlessness. I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life. At my own Bar Mitzvah, my friends had to push my crush on to the dance floor for the first dance. I was too shy to ask her.

Before the dawn of the internet, I could probably count on one hand the of women I asked out on a date.

The advent of America Online, the internet chat rooms, dating sites and now social media has made it easier and less daunting to connect with others.

Having the confidence to ask for what you want often builds with life experiences and successes. For others, it’s more innate.

My now six-year-old daughter (at the time this was written in September 2015) has shown signs of confidence and asking for what she wants from an early age. When she was four she went up to the bus stand at Buffalo Wild Wings to get a box to bring home her unfinished dinner. This past year she asked a classmate’s mother for her phone number to have a playdate with her son.

Those that ask for what they want are likely to get ahead quickly.


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