Blog Elul: Prompt 20: Dare

Dares are frequently a part of our lives, especially when we are young. There are dares with our friends, double dog dares and by the time we get to Junior High School truth or dare.

Do dares end with our youth or is just the terminology different. As we get older a dare can just be challenging ourselves. How often do we truly challenge ourselves? Do we accept challenges and not even realize it?

Do we have dares within ourselves? What do we challenge ourselves to do? Will I walk up to a woman I am interested in? Make the phone calls that need to get done? Apply for a job that I want? Go sledding on a steep hill?

As I have discussed in past posts, anxiety has always been an issue for me. Challenging myself to do anything has always been a major issue. Given truth or dare, I am almost always likely to admit the truth.

Revealing my feelings has always come easy for me. Some might need a dare to tell a truth about themselves. Some people are much more adventurous than others.

What do any of us remember about being dared? How carefully to we examine what someone or even ourselves is daring us to do? What could the consequences be of the act we are being dared to do? When we are younger we are not as equipped to understand what consequences of our actions can be.

Hopefully, as we age and experience life we challenge ourselves more often while still understand the consequences of the actions from the dare.


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