Blog Exodus: Prompt 5: Seek

We seek many things in life, happiness, a good job, a comfortable place to live, love…Former Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers Coach Phil Jackson once said the journey is more important than the destination.

How much to we pay attention to what we seek and what is truly important? What is most important, figuring out what we seek, the journey of getting there or finally getting what we want?

Everyone has different goals of things that they seek in life. Almost everyone wants to be happy but what does that mean? Not everyone needs someone else in their life to be happy.

Some want a significant other with children and have a family to achieve happiness. Others want a successful career to be more fulfilled. The basics we all seek and likely expect are a roof over our head, air, water, and food. Most Americans would expect that and take it for granted.

What we seek can also depend on the level of prosperity, poverty or somewhere in between. What someone seeks depends on an almost endless amount of factors. It could

It additional to socio-economic status it could depend on culture, location, religion and too many other factors to list. Hopefully whatever it is someone seeks they will be happy with the outcome and destination.


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