Blog Exodus: Prompt Four: Rise

When I think of rise in a Jewish sense it reminds me of getting up in temple at certain points of a service. In everyday life we often see people rise to the occasion or in a situation they might not have otherwise.

You can often tell the character of a person in how they act in adversity. Some rise to the situation and others are not able to step it up when others need them.

How long can we be expected to rise up during adversity? Some people have the intellectual and emotional skills to handle a situation and rise above what is normally expected from them than others.

Is it innate or learned? That probably depends on the person. Some might innately have those abilities, others might learn them and some might have both.

Many professions we expect professionals to be able to rise above and beyond. Social workers, therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, doctors, first responders teachers, coaches and athletes all have to have the ability to thrive under pressure.

Certainly, the listed professions and others spend many years being trained how to rise above the situation for those that are struggling. When most of us need help we look to professionals to help us get through a tough time. We expect them to rise to the occasion and help us.


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