Blog Elul: Prompt 23: Begin


We all go through life with one finite beginning and ending. Throughout our lives, we all have a beginning that comes from another ending. As I mentioned in the previous post one of my favorite lyrics from a song is from Semisonic’s song Closing time “every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end”

This is true many times throughout our lives. As we go through school we have a beginning and end multiple times throughout our lives. We finish grammar school and move on to middle school and then high school, college, possibly grad school and then begin our lives.

We will begin new relationships, for many of us hopefully begin parenthood, new jobs, new interests, a new place to live. We all go through many iterations of life in which we begin with something new.

For most the chance to begin something is exciting. It’s also scary. Sometimes we want a chance for a beginning and other times we have no choice. Having beginnings in our lives are almost always unavoidable. Hopefully most of the time the chance to begin something in life is a good opportunity.


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