Blog Exodus: Prompt 6: Retell


My favorite kind of books to read and the only books I read mostly these days are memoirs. Memoirs are not autobiographies. They are a retell(ing) of a certain part or aspect of someone’s life.

An autobiography is a retell(ing) of a person’s entire story. Someday I’ll will write a memoir of my life with my ex, the difficulties and triumphs we faced together and the hell she put me through during our divorce.

Whenever any of us retell a story, it’s obviously from our own perspectives. Passing down stories to our ancestors is something that has occurred from the beginning of time. It’s often been said there are three versions of the truth, each person’s and then the actual truth.

When more than one person is involved that magnifies. When three people are together, there are three individual relationships between each of them. Add in one more person and it balloons to seven relationships.

The ability to retell our children and generations behind us our stories is essential to keeping family history alive. Without out it, who are we and where do we come from? We all need to continually retell our stories and those that came before us. Hopefully as accurately as possible.

In Judaism, this is especially essential. The generations to come need to know about oppression and particularly the Holocaust. We must never forget.


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