Blog Exodus: Prompt Seven: Read

In the past when someone mentioned that they read something it would generally relate to a book, magazine, newspaper or textbook. That has been expanded greatly with the advent of email and social media.

In the past, we could generally accept what we read as the truth. Social media has turned that expectation upside down. Fake news, everyone stating their opinions, instant reactions and analysis and the need to be heard have changed what we read and how we read and process information.

Do we even pay attention to what we read? We can now filter the information we read based on our own opinions. We are filtered articles and information that re-enforce what we are already thinking.

How do the majority of us challenge our own thoughts and opinions? George Orwell was right about big brother watching in his groundbreaking book 1984. He was just off by about 15-25 years when it would occur. The scariest part might be that too many of us don’t even realize its happening.



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