Emily Levenson 30 Days of Journaling: Fall 2015: Day 11: I can’t imagine Life without…

There are so many ways to write about what I can’t imagine life without.

When I was dating my ex we used to joke around about how we would feel if something happened to the other. She always said she’d be devastated if something happened to me.

I didn’t have to imagine life without her. She was hospitalized multiple times in the first three years of our relationship. I was by her side at every step. After finally getting healthy she left me after less than two years of marriage.

We then got back together. We eventually had four children together. I again could not imagine life without the family we created together.

She then became ill again and was hospitalized for seven months. Watching her fight for her life gave me strength to care for our children.

Eleven months later she filed for divorce. In May of this year (2015) she gained custody of our children and I have not seen them since (It’s been nearly two years now).

Everything I thought I could not imagine life without I haven’t had to imagine. I cannot imagine life without food, a place to shower, sleep and water. Everything else we somehow adapt. The only other choice is not living.


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