Blog Exodus: Prompt 8: Expand

The definition of expand is: “Become or make larger or more extensive.” This can apply to almost every aspect of life. We can expand our family, a business a hobby, just about anything and everything in our life.

Many people cannot be happy without expanding. Twenty-three percent of American families have one child. It’s hard to know how many of them want more. With 77 percent of families having two or more children it stands to reason that most people want more than one and hope to expand.

How about someone’s business, their responsibilities¬†in their job, the amount of friends we have, the size of their house? When and where are we happy with what we have and truly not looking to expand to more, bigger, greater?

As a nation and in Israel it seems like we are always seeking to Expand. The Suburbs grow bigger and father out, McMansion’s are popping up all over the suburbs and in affluent areas of most cities.

When can we be happy with life being simpler and learning to appreciate what we have? Both corporations go after things in life to grow and expand without thought as to how it affects others.

There are times when we need to expand to protect ourselves and those close to us. If Moses had not parted (expand<ed>) the Red Sea the Jews likely would have never gotten out of Egypt.

Whenever we expand anything we need to consider the consequences after expansion. How many businesses failed after they added more locations? Adding a child(ren) puts a lot of stress on a family. How does a family survive with added expenses and responsibility?

Whoever considers all this of these factors and is able to balance the questions and doing what’s right and what works will be able to expand their family, business and/or responsibilities on their job and be successful



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