Blog Exodus: Prompt 9: Perplex

So many things about life are perplex(ing). I look back at the majority of my own life and wonder if it truly happened.

I’ve repeatedly¬†spoken about the dream I have had most of my life of getting married and having kids. When my oldest was born, both my ex and I felt like we were in a dream world through her entire pregnancy and even through a few months after he was born.

It was a perplexing situation to be in a good way. Being a parent can often make you perplexed. Everyone wants to offer unsolicited advice. I learned through experience the best way is to learn on your own.

We will all have moments in life that cause us to be perplexed. This occurs in every aspect of our life. Whether is watching the news and not understanding what politicians do, getting bypassed for promotion or raise at work or something that can happen in our personal life from our children, spouse, family or friends.

The old adage is to live and learn. As we look back at our life things that might have once perplexed us become clearer in time. Growth, maturity, and experience are all part of the process.

When our oldest was born my ex would always call her sister with any question as it pertained to children. Her nephews are six and three years older than our oldest. As time went I learned to trust my own instincts. She would ever call her sister to ask how much Tylenol to use when he was sick. I learned to read the label to know how much to give him.

It will always perplex me why she ever wanted to be in a relationship with anyone. She seemed to lack appreciation for men at all. She was nine when her parents divorced and never seemed to get over it.

Any women in her life always took precedence over me and out relationship. This was only the case after our first year of dating. It’s something I will never understand.

In spite of the failure of my relationship and marriage, it’s something I still believe it. As much as I am perplexed by the nastiness of divorce, successful relationships and marriages can also be perplexing.

It’s a beautiful magical thing when it works. Each relationship has its own reasons what works and why. It’s perplexing and fascinating that some couples have virtually everything in common and others can little in common and everywhere in between and yet they seem to work.

Chemistry is a wonderful, beautiful thing that is often hard to explain and can be very perplexing. No one should ever give up on love.



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