Blog Exodus: Prompt 10: Celebrate

Most people are conscious of the need to celebrate on holidays. With PassoverĀ approaching, most people will get together with family and/or friends for a seder.

How much do we celebrate the smaller things in life? It’s easy to get together with those we are close with to celebrate holidays. Most people are concerned about others and don’t want those they are close to be to alone on a holiday.

How much do we celebrate the small things in life? Through years of difficulty and adversity, I have learned to celebrate the every day more than being with loved ones on the days everyone else deems important.

When I had primary custody of my children my favorite part of the day was the mornings. With four young kids, the mornings were often hectic, but it also seemed to be the time we could be together, talk about the upcoming day and watch their favorite PBS shows.

I (enjoyed) celebrated getting them ready for school. That often included helping them pick out what to wear, inform them what the weather would be that day, making them breakfast and getting their snacks together for school.

It gave the five of us a time to be together and talk about life. My ideal would have been to be a whole family with their mother. That was something that was first taken away from us because of an illness their mother had and later due to her choice.

Being able to celebrate since losing custody has been something I battle every day. The ability to write and blog is something that I love to do. Cooking is extremely comforting to me.

I am grateful that I have food to cook and eat. I also try to celebrate through other hobbies. Getting out into nature and hiking in the various forest preserves and other nature areas, seeing live music and sports and being with friends are also things I cherish and celebrate.

When a family and close friends lose someone important to them you often hear or see people saying that they are going to hug their loved ones and keep them close.

How long does that last? When we are hit with adversity we celebrate those close to us, but for how long? That might last a few days, weeks or months, but then most people go back to their regular routines and often forget to celebrate the things that make life great.

The old Kool and the Gang song Celebration talk about getting together and the “party goin’ on right here”. Later in the song, though they say “It’s time to come together
It’s up to you, what’s your pleasure?”

Life would be much better if we all remember to celebrate our pleasures. That doesn’t have to be a party or a holiday. If we take time out to remember those pleasures and those we love, everyday can be a celebration.


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