Blog Exodus: Prompt 9: Join

Most people want to be a part of something in their life. Active in their own family, working at a great job, part of a great group of friends or some community organization.

Being a part of something gives all of us a higher purpose. Most if not all humans want to feel loved, appreciated and a part of something. We spend most of our lives either searching for something to join or being a part of something we already have. Even if it’s unintended we still join something bigger than us by most of our actions in life.

When we are in school as a student growing up and into college we are a part of the student body and that community. Where we were live, work, pray, gather, who we hang out with, marry and the children we raise are all a part of joining something.

Almost all wedding vows include some form of join(ing) together. It’s the ultimate form of something that we join in, in our lives. If the marriage becomes what we hope it is intended to be than in many if not most instances it is something that we will join for one of the longest stretches of our lives.

There are some things we join by choice and others that we are joined to without choice. Our race, gender and others things that make us who we are put into groups and join us in that community that is out of our control.

Everyone will spend their entire lives joined to numerous things throughout our lives. Hopefully, all of these will be the result of relationships and groups that we are proud to be a part of and make us feel loved, happy and appreciated.


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