Blog Exodus: Prompt 12: Reveal

What we reveal and what can be revealed to us can be such a loaded ideal and topic.

Some people are compassionate towards others when they reveal their details about their life, some don’t want to hear someone’s else’s deepest thoughts, desires, wants and the adversity they have been through and some others say that hearing about someone else’s life and the details won’t bother them, but in truth they cease to be supportive once the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is reveal.

In any relationship, whether work, romantic, a new job, new friends or any new group we are in when is the appropriate time to reveal our deepest secrets? How much of them to we reveal and which ones and to whom?

For me personally revealing my thoughts, feelings, and adversities have always come easy. I am nearly 100 percent transparent. I share how I feel, what I have been through and what I am thinking most of the time.

It seems to upset people. In turn, I would often get upset. I am trying to learn to balance not revealing everything so early with getting to know someone with not caring what others think when I do.

Social Media has created a firestorm for everyone that uses it the opportunity to reveal themselves to a far greater amount of people and far more often. We interact with much more people than past generations. We also interact with them more often, more quickly and in far greater numbers at any given time.

This also creates a lot of misunderstands. We get to know more people than in the past, but our relationships don’t seem to be as deep as our ancestors. How do we react to others that are revealing? I’ve had a friend repeatedly tell me that “sometimes I really upset her”. Her reaction speaks volumes about how things affect her more than what I or someone else is going through.

I’ve had a friend repeatedly tell me that “sometimes I really upset her”. Her reaction speaks volumes about how things affect her more than what I or someone else is going through.

Another friend has made similar comments frequently over the years. Society is leaning more towards wanting people to be more open about themselves and to reveal themselves more often. How do we react though?

Everyone has a different makeup and experiences that guide and shape their personality. Some are more compassionate than others. To be truly compassionate towards other we have to be willing to accept what they reveal about themselves.

With society becoming more open about themselves and what makes them different we are more aware of everyone around us than ever before. The ability to disseminate information quicker and easier than ever before, have people revealing that information in more often and to more people than ever.

It also creates the problem of allowing more people to make judgments about the sheer amount of far more people around them. Society has seemed to become more tolerant yet also more judgemental.

The ability to state our opinions so quickly and in large numbers has created a society that is often contentious. As we continue to reveal our thoughts and feelings more frequently, we need to create a society that continues to be more tolerant of those different from us, and not as contentious.


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