#BlogExodus: Prompt 14: Thank

How often do we thank someone for doing something good for us? Do we even offer thanks to someone when we expect someone to do it? Many have said that politeness seems to be a forgotten virtue in society.

What do we thank others for? This can range from something as small as something blessing us after a sneeze or holding a door open. It seems like society has come to expect things from others more than being thankful when someone does something for us.

At Passover, we are thankful for being able to recline, for the food we are able to eat and the hope that “next year in Jerusalem” can become a reality. In the previous post, I discussed my new reality about having to spend almost every holiday alone without an invitation for them.

I have also discussed throughout my struggles with depression and anxiety. Being alone on a holiday would send many people into struggles with anxiety and/or depression. I am thankful for the opportunity to cook and celebrate the holiday even if it is alone.

Being alone on a holiday gives me the opportunity to be creative cooking. I am making cod ceviche instead of gefilte fish for tonight’s first night. I have also made a turkey burger with cranberries and a sweet potato puree on top for thanksgiving and have always tried to be creative on other holidays.

I am thankful I still have an opportunity to celebrate the holiday. It would be nice to be able to celebrate with others. It’s a constant battle who to thank and what to be thankful for in my life, but something I am working on every day.


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