Emily Levenson 30 Days of Journaling: Fall 2015: Day 19 I feel Judged When…

I feel judged when…I go to court

Our court system in beyond broken. It has a bias toward people without money and a bias against anyone with mental illness(es). My own attorney when I told him I was d

My own attorney when I told him I was depressed told me to “get out of the fetal position” and stop sucking my thumb. He then said that my therapist told him I shouldn’t be with my kids when that was never said.

Living with mental illness is like being in the group of people to not be accepted. The country has empathy for marriage equality, gender dysphoria and people with physical illness.

People with mental illness are expected to change. Pull up your bootstraps, just get over it, think about how good you have it, etc. These are not options for those that suffer from Bipolar, depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses).

Telling someone with mental illness is akin┬áto telling someone with COPD to just breathe, a paraplegic to walk or talking loud to someone that’s hearing impaired.

Hopefully, as time goes on, people will cede judging mental illness.


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