Emily Levenson 30 Days of Journaling: Day 29: Dear 16 Year Old Self…

Dear 16 Year Old Self…Why are you always afraid your life will be better off being assertive?

Get involved in activities, ask a nice girl/woman out. Go for what you want. Being afraid means never getting what you (want). Learn what works and what doesn’t. You receive more experience in life by being assertive.

By getting involved in various activities you are better able to discern what your interests are. Getting involved in activities will also create a group of friends.

Being shy and living with anxiety is extremely difficult. Try as many times, places and people as necessary to learn how to live with it. Don’t get discouraged and be persistent. Keep applying to places you want to work, volunteer, and do as many sports activities as humanly possible to forge a career you will enjoy.

Finally, surround yourself with supportive, happy people you enjoy being with.


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