30 Days of Gratitude: Day 3: Anger

Everyone has a time in their life when their anger is directed at someone or something. How we respond can often dictate the direction our life goes in.

I’ve learned through a lot of adversity that anger is best directed at actions more than at a person. That can often be difficult. It usually takes another person’s actions to trigger the anger within us.

We learn from an early age the need to control our anger. Toddlers are put in timeouts when they lose their temper. As we grow older we learn how and when it’s appropriate to be angry. Society frowns upon anger and laws are set forth to discourage it. How and

How and when we channel anger can be used positively. Being angry with someone or something is ok when not done in a belligerent or physical way.

The protests that have taken place in the last year or so have brought out anger in both positive and negative ways. The protests have brought to light a multitude of issues, but have also created violence from opposing factions.

My own life has taught me to hate how certain people treat me and their actions. Everyone comes at life from their own viewpoint. It can be difficult to understand someone else’s experiences and viewpoints. Accepting them as a person while still being angry towards their actions should help ourselves, the other person if they are accepting and a situation that can be rife with anger.

Social Media has proliferated anger. In interacting with others on social media many people will argue with someone they don’t even know. It doesn’t accomplish anything and only gets our own anger up.

Social Media has brought anger into the mainstream. It comes from ideals and views from every part of life. Learning to control our anger in all aspects of our lives will help ourselves and society in general.

It seems as if have become a more tolerant of others differences, yet less tolerant of their views. If we can become more accepting and civil, it should help reduce anger in society.


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