We Have Entered into an era Where Everyone Must be Labeled

People are labeled for their job, sexuality, gender identity, their mental and physical health, what kinds of parent they are or might be, their religion, their ethnicity….

We have become a society that is more tolerant of who a person is and less of their beliefs.

No one is purely good or evil, smart of less intelligent, a success or a failure.We measure people more on their public personae. The proliferation of social media has allowed us all to have more control over how we are viewed publically.

It’s often said a person is good or evil or bad or good. Events throughout my life have taught me otherwise. I don’t believe that anyone is just defined by one act moment, or one definitely achievement or mistake.

Do we really know anyone anymore? We think we do because access to all of our lives is more prevalent than ever before. We all have innate goodness and innate evil, most of us have acted poorly and generous or kind at various points of our life.

How do we treat others? What are our acts of kindness versus our acts of evil or sin? As we continue to progress as a society and information about all of us increases how will all and any of us be judged?



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