30 Days of Gratitude: Day 4: Choice

We have choice everywhere in our life. From the biggest to the smallest, some have major impacts on our life and others will come and go with very little impact on our life.

Those of us that live in the United States are fortunate in that we have more choice than most people. We can choose what and when we will say within the law, where we live, who we chose to be in a relationship and we can for come as go as we please.

What if choice was taken away? I have dealt with that over the last five years. Ever since my ex filed for divorce little by little my ability to have choices in what I do in my life has been taken away.

I have lost the choice about how to raise my children, what I often do with my free time, where I live and when and how I work. The ability to lose the choice how you want to live your life largely goes against what the United States stands for.

The courts have major inequities in how they work. The rich or ones with better access to good legal representation will likely win. There is no bearing on the truth.

I also battle anxiety and depression. I have had people say to me to pull myself up by my bootstraps. Too many people think it’s a choice to feel good and be positive. I’ve been through a lot and was already predisposed to anxiety, depression, and ADHD. I work on myself as much as I can. Outlook is a combination of many things. We

I work on myself as much as I can. Outlook is a combination of many things. We can certainly choose to think a certain way, but the inner battle is much harder for some than others.

I am good at getting through a day at a time. I hope to be able to become as good at bigger choices as I am at dealing with the daily ones.



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