30 Days of Gratitude: Day 7: Power

Power is what seems to drive our country more than anything. There is a multitude of reasons for power, but power in and of itself gives us control, decision making, and status.

There are many underlying factors that can cause power, money, status, the feeling of being in control, the ability to be deceptive. When one has power they are the one that has the authority in the decision-making process.

My biggest personal battle with power came when my wife got sick over five years ago. Her life was very much in question. I went her sister and said, “let’s forget the past and work together, we might have to make decisions no one should have to make alone.”

She played nice for about two months and then got power of attorney behind my back. She used people we both trust to do so. I didn’t find that out until many years later and had trusted people I shouldn’t have.

Someone that was very involved in the process said she is the most conniving and controlling person they had ever met. Every step of the way during her illness and going through our divorce and custody battle it was all about power. She would get upset every time I would be awarded some control through the courts.

It continued when I got physical custody of our kids. Two and half years later my ex, living with her sister got permanent custody of our children.

I have seen first hand and from afar what power does to people. Used in the right way power can accomplish a lot of good things. The unfortunate thing is that most choose to use it for their own good instead of to help others.



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