30 Days of Gratitude: Day 16: Energy

Energy has become a common source of discussion in the present. We see all sorts of products and ideas that are promoted to try to bring out energy.

Is energy innate or it is something that can be cultivated? I have been referred to as being passionate, but energy come difficult for me. I am often depressed and struggle with anxiety, At other times I have been accused of being lazy when I have a lack of energy.

When I do get a burst of energy or an inner push to get things done I ride it and try to accomplish as much as I can. It’s always been a frequent inner battle. Often the thought of having the energy that I need to get things done can exacerbate my depression and anxiety.

Exercise has been known to help cultivate energy. More exercise can equal more energy. Therefore energy begets energy.

For some, it’s just natural. My second child and oldest daughter has an energy and fearlessness that seem boundless. She is always wanting to be doing something. Her younger sister is the complete opposite. She enjoys more low-key activities and is quiet.

As people have become busier, the need to have constant energy has become more important. Energy bars and drinks are constantly being developed and promoted and are always out there to try to help burst energy.

There are still many questions out there as to how safe some of these are. As civilization evolves hopefully we will understand these better and they will become safer to use. People need to develop ways of cultivating their own inner energy and to find a way to be able to be productive when they don’t have the energy necessary to function.

For anyone with a chronic illness or mental illness, this is a constant battle. The inner feeling of not feeling well physically, mentally or both is exhausting. Society at large needs to learn how to be able to respect people who have to battle this every day.


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