30 Days of Gratitude: Day 18: Nature

Nature has always been an important part of my life.

The camp was based around horseback riding, hiking, and backpacking. I am grateful I got a chance to experience the first two. I still enjoy getting out in nature and go hiking and for walks. I would love to be able to get my bike fixed and be able to ride that as well,

I’ve been able to experience a lot of places in nature throughout my life that I am grateful for. When I was about eight, my parents took my brother and me on a trip across the western US.

I remember my brother and I having a snowball fight in Rocky Mountain National Park in the summer, going to the petrified forest, Big Sur, Lake Tahoe, and the Grand Canyon. We also spent a lot of time in Florida at the Ocean when I was a child.

With technology, the way it is so easily accessible getting children out into nature is more important now more than ever. When I had custody of my children we would go to the park every day the weather would allow it. We would also go for hikes in the area

We would also go for hikes in the area through the forest preserves. The trails here are flat which made it easy for young kids to be able to do them and just experience what being out in nature is versus sitting home playing on an iPad, Kindle or watching videos.

My family is very active and stresses the importance of being active and exercise. Their mother’s family diminishes it and looks down on athletics. I hope I was and am able to instill the importance of spending time in nature and learning how important nature is to us as humans.


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