30 Days of Gratitude: Prompt 20: Creativity

When most people say someone is creative it’s generally related to someone in the arts. Creativity can extend far beyond that and includes many of being able to express ourselves.

Being creative is not limited to those that are regarded as artistic. Many people are creative without being a musician, artist, painter,

I went through a lot of my life thinking I wasn’t creative. I dabbled in writing as a child and took a cooking home economics class in junior high. In college, I was the publisher, writer, and photographer for my fraternity’s newsletter while in college.

I was also fortunate enough in college to discover a love of cooking. As with many college students, my friends and I would often eat out and have fast food. I grew tired of it and wanted to eat healthier.

It was then that I began to develop a love of cooking. I had a lot to learn and have grown in the years since. Back then about the only thing I was creative with was when I self-taught myself how to make Cantonese fried noodles.

As I got older some of the things I learned how to cook that have required some creativity are making my own rubs, Mexican Lasagna, and my own salad dressings. I keep growing as a cook.

I did not start writing continuously until later. It’s something that allows for a lot of creativity. My strength in writing is much more in non-fiction than fiction.

These are my own outlets for creativity. When I had custody of my children I had far more outlets to be creative. I was constantly thinking of things to do and places to go to keep them busy.

We used to love to explore different parks and festivals. There are many different ways to be creative.

In my own life writing, cooking and exploring nature are the biggest ones. I hope to grow in my exploration of cooking and food and as a writer. Someday I will write a memoir. From there I hope to be able to write other books.

The important thing is to keep the creative juices flowing throughout life. The ability to learn and be creative helps us to learn about the world around us. It also can allow us to share part of ourselves with others. When we create something it’s an extension of us.

Only as I have matured have I truly began to see myself as creative. I am grateful that I have the ability to be creative.




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