30 Days of Gratitude: Prompt 25: Music

Music plays a role in almost everyone’s life. Most songs will trigger a moment in life for everyone.

I can remember the song I danced to at my wedding, songs that remind me of moments of my favorite sports team or a past relationship and the song that was on the radio when I got my first speeding ticket.

I don’t listen to music as often as I did growing up, but when I go out, its frequently to see live music from my favorite band. A few of the members of the band were high school classmates of mine. I have since gotten to know most of the band.

This past weekend I went to see two of the members of a new band they joined. It was a Grateful Dead cover band which isn’t my favorite, but it’s always nice to be out. When they played truckin’ at least I knew that song.

Music can touch us and speak to us in ways that many others things can’t. Whether it’s a song with lyrics we can relate to or an instrumental music can bring us back to a place in our life or put us in different moods in the present.

Music moves us like few other things do in life. It unites us, comforts us, makes us move, literally and figuratively and has a genre for virtually every interest. It often brings people together that otherwise might not be connected.

Music is different from many other areas of interest in life. Sports, politics, and religion are often ingrained in us. They can be a result of the family we are born into, where we grow up, our culture and economic status.

Music can definitely be influenced by those things, but are more often than not a connection deep into our soul, our own interests and what is important to us as individuals.

Music is the soul of life. It speaks to a wider audience than other aspects of life. It’s the most popular form of art and one that always needs to be cultivated and never suppressed.


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