30 Days of Gratitude: Day 26: Miracles

As I have become older and gone through a lot of adversity I have become less religious. The one thing I still somewhat believe in is angels. It’s my version of believing in miracles.

My belief in angels is someone who comes into your life at a certain time when you need them. This has happened to me multiple times. I also believe that most of the time that person comes in your life and stays until you no longer need them. This has happened with all but one person I would describe as an angel.

The first time was when I decided to go back to school to earn my degree as an adult I had friended a woman named Heidi that was self-made. She had been through a lot in her life. I knew had to go back to school and that the timing was good. I was very nervous and apprehensive about doing so.

My first go around as an undergraduate was difficult. School was always difficult for me. I found a program that was solely writing papers and did not require any exams, tests or quizzes. This was perfect for me and my abilities. It played to be strengths and avoiding my weaknesses.

I was still nervous about going back. Part of the irony was that I was one of the youngest ones in our class of 15. We would all stay together through the entire 16-month program. All but one of us made it through to finish the program.

Heidi helped guide me as I prepared to go back to school and instilled in me the confidence I needed to get through the program. At the same time, I became good friends with a co-worker of mine named Lisa.

Lisa was incredibly smart, but a bit flaky. She was someone I would have liked to have dated. We were good friends, but primarily at work. Lisa was kind enough to agree to proofread my papers for school.

She did this for every paper of mine in the 16 months that I was in the program. Without her support, I would never have gotten through school.

My third angel is my cousin. When my ex got sick he did not have a job at the time. He and his wife had only been married for a few months and did not have any children yet. We have always been close. Our relationship often ebbs and flows but he has always been there for me during tough times.

He would speak to me on the phone every day. It was an extremely difficult battle that he helped me get through the best he could and I could. Without him, I would have been in a much darker place.

He is the one person on this list that I am still in contact with.

The final person on the list is a woman I connected with a few days before I lost custody of my kids. She lived halfway across the country, but we knew many people in common.

Our lives crossed many times where we were younger but we either didn’t remember each other or didn’t meet. The timing of when she came into my life does not seem like a coincidence. She is a beautiful woman, but even more beautiful on the inside.

She did not judge me at all. The connection I had with her was stronger than I ever had with a woman. I used to joke with her that I felt like I knew her my whole life and maybe we had.

We would text every day for nearly 18 months. She became my best friend. I could confide in her more than friends I have known for decades and my family. It was the most difficult and most devastating time in my life. She provided me the love and caring I so desperately needed at that time.

These people came into my life at the perfect time and/or provided me something and someone I needed to help me get through a time in my life that otherwise would have seemed impossible without them. They are and were my miracles.


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