30 Days of Gratitude: Prompt 29: Boredom

Boredom can have such a broad meaning and aspect in our lives. It varies greatly depending on where we are in life.

When I was growing up I would tell my parents I was bored. My father would always respond to bang my head against the wall. I have learned that there is a difference between monotony and boredom.

For three and half years I was the primary caretaker of my kids as the only parent living with them. While each day was often the same it was never boring. I would have to get them up in the morning, get them ready for school, pack lunch for my oldest during the school year and for all of them in the summer, feed them dinner and bathe them at night.

On the weekends I would have to find activities for them. When the weather was nice we would frequently go to the park after dinner and on the weekends. I miss that monotony.

They now live with their mother. Whereas before my life could be monotonous but extremely busy, now it is monotonous, lonely and often boring. Without the ability to write and social media my lonesomeness would be a tough thing to deal with.

I often search for others to engage with, chat to and just be connected. My life often feels like I am existing, not living. There are often times I am afraid to leave my house.

In the two years since losing my children, I have been laid off from two jobs, lost my attorney, been turned down by 20 attorneys to take my divorce case and searching for another Psychiatrist to no avail. My life feels stuck.

Writing does a lot to cure my boredom. I would like to write more often, but I often get stuck on a topic. I don’t really get bored with it as much as I don’t know how to proceed. Some I am not sure

Some topics I am not sure how to approach, others can be too personal or emotional and others are just generally overwhelming.

We all have a choice on whether or not to be bored. In the past, I wrote about the one thing from the movie city slickers. It’s a good theory to follow. A way to avoid boredom is to find your one thing. Whatever it is, is up to you.


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