30 Days of Gratitude: Prompt 30: Clarity

Some people have more clarity in their life than others. Getting clarity about who we are and what we want out of life comes early for some and much later for others.

The clarity in my life came when I was about 12. My sister was born when I was nearly 11 years old and about 10 months. It was the summer between fifth and sixth grade.

I remember helping my mom feed her her bottles and how much I loved holding her. It was at that time that I knew I wanted to be a father someday and raise a child.

It was also around that time my parents bought me a record player (definitely aging myself) with a microphone on it. From that point on I also knew that I wanted to be in radio as a profession.

I did two radio shows as a DJ freshman year in high school three years later and would produce a small radio show as an adult about ten years later. Neither would ever lead to me being able to become professional in radio.

I also interned for someone just as he was starting his radio career with a show on once per week. He told me when he made it big he would take me with him. He is now one of the biggest media personalities locally with a tv and radio talk show.

Not only did not take me with him I found out years later he also told the same thing to someone else that had interned for him.

I did go on to get married and have four children with my ex. Sadly I lost custody and a huge part of my life that gave me clarity. I have been a writer off and on since I was in eighth grade.

I have been pretty consistent as a blogger for about the last 15 years plus. My ambition to be a writer is what now gives me clarity on a daily basis more than anything else. I want to write a memoir someday.

Participating in the gratitude challenge has given me some clarity about writing the book. I will still need some more clarity on some things about writing, including research, but this has shown me that I have the ability.

The idea behind the gratitude challenge was to write every day. That didn’t always happen, but I was always able to catch up and get the prompts accomplished.

The additional clarity I will need to write the book would be to learn more about the process. I would like to gain more knowledge about writing a memoir and learning more about the law and medicine that would go into what is likely to be a complicated memoir.

Someday I hope to make this a reality and to be able to write a memoir that will help others face difficulties in their life.


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