30 Days of Gratitude: Bonus Prompt 2: Devotion

There is a question on the dating site OKCupid that asks what is more important in a relationship, devotion or passion.

Most relationships begin with a lot of passion. If you are not devoted to your partner, job, children, and the world around you, then everything else is likely to fail.

Becoming complacent in anything we do in life will greatly sabotage the likelihood of success. Doing that in what should be our most important relationship is essential. The importance of being devoted to our partner is one of the most important things we can do.

Attraction, lust, and passion can often fade away. The biggest way we can show love in any relationship is to stay devoted to our partner. The idea of our partner being our best friend is that that is often thrown around on dating sites.

What does that mean exactly? It can mean many things depending on who is asked. Always being there, especially in a time of need, respecting our partner and the vows said if the relationship was entered into marriage and supporting them through whatever happens during the length of the relationship.

It can mean many things in other aspects of our lives. How devoted are we to are job our children, our community our country, our religion and what does that mean?

If we work for someone else, being devoted is showing up for work every day on time, getting the work done that is expected of us and acting within the expected culture of the company.

If we work freelance or have our own business being devoted is doing what is expected of the clients, charging a fair market rate and finishing the job within the time that is agreed upon.

What about the other aspects of out life? That can get far more complex and ambiguous about what devotion means. With our children that should be unconditional love.

We should love them no matter who they are. Showing that love should also be expected and done. If we don’t do that, how does and will it affect them growing up and the rest of their life? It can impact their confidence and self-esteem and their life path.

The other aspects of devotion in our lives should come secondarily. We all have a responsibility to the community at large around us. Everyone is part of a town, city or village a country and the greater world at large. Depending on where we live the expectation o

Everyone is part of a town, city or village a country and the greater world at large. Depending on where we live the expectations of how we are to be devoted to that and contribute to those geographic areas vary greatly by nationality, culture, religion and even upbringing.

Once we lose devotion to anything it can take away that part of life and turns it more into existing than living.




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