30 Days of Gratitude: Bonus Prompt 4: Color

Color bring definition to our lives. It makes the world a happier, brighter place.

When winter comes with less sunlight and often grayer skies, people are often more depressed.

When I think of color I think of the movie Pleasantville. Reese Witherspoon and Tobey Maguire travel to their town of their favorite TV Show Pleasantville. Pleasantville was set in the 1950’s in a simpler time in black and white.

As the plot progresses they realize how much they miss color. I am grateful for color in my own life. We are currently in an amazing time of year with the colors of spring and the landscape becoming more green.

As the spring storms move into summer we will see some spectacular colors during storms with lightning, the aftermath of possibly seeing rainbows and beautiful sunrises and sunsets to watch.

Color is what makes our life come alive. Color can come into our lives in many ways. Color is all around us. During the change of seasons, we see the trees changes colors and flowers bloom. In our personal lives, our lives are enriched by interacting with people of many different ethnicities and colors.

In Pleasantville, they ban everything and everyone relating to color. Paintings are only allowed to be in black, white or gray. Imagine food was colorless. Would we still enjoy it in the same way?

How would we look at carrots that were not yellow, tomatoes that were not red or orangeless oranges? Would the food still taste as good? How would our taste buds react without all the beautiful colors that most food provides? How would we taste food without sight?


Color brings so much into our lives and enhances it. Color provides beauty in our life in so many ways. When we see someone with striking blonde or red hair we often stop in our tracks. We comment on someone’s tan, the way their face turns red when the blush.

Colors help us illustrate much of what is going on in and around our lives. Without color, our lives would be very dull just as the lives in Pleasantville.


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