30 Days of Gratitude: Bonus Prompt 8: Winning

Winning is likely different to each individual person. The broad definition has to be have we reached the goals we set for ourselves in life?

Charlie Sheen coined the phrase “winning” and made it popular a few years ago. He went on tour to discuss his version of winning.

Throughout our lives, we often have to redefine what “winning” means. There are many aspects of each life that we strive to be successful in and “win”.

Most people want to be successful in their careers, get married, raise a family, have close friends and hobbies that they can thrive in. As we raise our children we have hopes for them as well. 

As we raise our children we have hopes for them as well. We want them to go to college, become successful in the things they chose to participate in in their life and to accomplish the same things.

Society has deemphasized competition and that the outcome of most competition now has a winner. In AYSO everyone gets a trophy and has to play. The score of the game isn’t kept until the kids get older. There is also no standings.

In little league baseball, everyone also gets a chance to play. At least there a winner is determined and there are standings.

The world is a competitive place. It is somewhat ironic that while we have de-emphasized winning for children, in the U.S. at the higher levels of sports we have done everything we can to eliminate ties and make sure there is a winner. 

There needs to be a happy medium. Winning should not come at all costs, but it we also need to teach children that not winning every time is reality. 

In Europe ties in soccer (or as they call it footy all) are not uncommon. Phil Jackson discuses in his memoir sacred hoops that the journey was more important than the destination.

Learning how to win together as a team is an important process in the journey. If teams didn’t have the goal of winning in sports what are they truly working towards? 

While hoisting the actually trophy at the end might not be important, the goal of winning is. That can be different in so many aspects of life and for different people at different times. 

Often the most successful people who are “winning” at life are the ones who can redefine themselves throughout their lives and recreate what winning truly means. 


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