30 Days of Gratitude: Bonus Prompt 10: Friendship

There are not too many things in life I am more grateful for than my friends.

Several friends have been there for my through my adversity more than anyone else in my life. One friend, in particular, has called to check in over the last six years more than just about anyone else.

My friend John has called me once or twice per week to check in and see how I am doing. He doesn’t judge me, despite knowing the mistakes I’ve made and everything I have been through.

He always listens to what’s going on in my life without judging or withdrawing from me. I have had friends over the years who have become distant because they don’t want to listen to the difficulties I’ve¬†faced in life.

I have learned that friends can be defined differently for different people. Our closest friends listen to us, are compassionate and have an interest in everything in our lives, not just the triumphs.

Other friends are there as social friends. These are friends we meet in social situations. This can encompass many different aspects of our lives and often depends on our interests.

I have one friend I almost always seem to see only when we are going out to high school classmates of ours that are in a band. The only exception to that is when we have spent two of the last three New Year’s Eve’s together.

We both like to be outside and be active. I have asked him to go with me when I spend time in hiking groups. He always says no when I ask him to do anything other than seeing the bands our classmates are in.

In the past, I would have become frustrated and not gone out with him at all. I have learned to be grateful he likes getting together to at least see the bands play. I love seeing live music and it’s nice having a friend to go out with.

For people with a variety of interests having friendships that fit those interests is important. It’s better to be grateful for the friendships we have then to expect more from them.



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