I've touched on and alluded to my divorce. I have never really directly discussed it.

My ex has made me afraid to go to court. I'm at my best when I can focus on each individual day.

She out spent me after winning and large sum in a malpractice case. Without an attorney I had no chance.

Now the Judge has awarded her the house I bought during the separation. I feel numb. I think I might have found an attorney. I have money for the retainer. Not sure beyond that.

There is a statute in my state that claims if one person has substantially more money than they have to pay the other's legal fees. That has no happened in my case.

Life has me feeling completely defeated. The court have reduced me to my knees and feeling literally worthless. Seems like a good day to stay in bed.

I'm open, real and honest. I hope to be more positive in the future.